About Optimum Professional Management

Responsible for the oversight of more than 82 properties in California, Optimum Professional Management holds the title of Certified Management Firm (CMF). Responsible for an equal mix of complexes, housing rentals, condominiums, and businesses, Optimum Professional Management has operated for nearly 15 years. Supporting real estate investors in the on-site management of properties, Optimum Professional Management offers 24/7 services and remains available for emergencies repair delegation. Providing its clients access to the finest vendors and contractors in the area, Optimum Professional Management consistently updates its lists of licensed, bonded, and insured partners, who all possess a proven record for expertise, reliability, and professionalism. Optimum Professional Management follows all state guidelines and civil codes. In order to accurately record any changes in procedure or protocol, Optimum Professional Management’s Community Managers attend all board member orientation sessions. Optimum Professional Management mails Director Reports one week prior to any board meetings to ensure clear communication regarding upcoming decisions. Agendas are posted four days prior to board meetings. Optimum Professional Management records meeting minutes and action lists, and these documents become available within five days after the board meeting. Optimum Professional Management provides clients with consistent and accurate financial reports. Invoices are processed daily, and Optimum Community Managers schedule twice-monthly checks in an effort to better manage cash flows. To aid clients with annual audits, Optimum Professional Management’s accounting department reviews financial statements, compiles records, and trains board members. Optimum Professional Management additionally offers escrow services. Aiding real estate agents, title companies, escrow officers, attorneys, mortgage companies, and banks, Optimum Professional Management’s experience continues to help clients toward a smooth real estate transaction, providing and handling the financial documents needed for the purchase or sale of a property.


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