Interview with Optimum Professional Management: Choosing an Accredited Community Management Firm


Optimum Professional Management has provided quality community management services to associations across Southern California since 1996. The Tustin-based firm recently answered our questions about its Accredited Community Management Firm (ACMF) designation from the California Association of Community Managers (CACM).

Q. Do all community management firms maintain the ACMF designation?

Optimum Professional Management (OPM): Not at all. The designation signifies a firm’s willingness to undergo a rigorous but voluntary accreditation process to demonstrate its commitment to industry best practices and the highest ethical standards.

Q. How does a community management firm join the ACMF program?

OPM: To obtain its ACMF designation, Optimum Professional Management invited an independent CPA to audit our risk management practices and internal financial controls against standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We achieved ACMF status in 2001, and we undergo an independent review every three years to maintain our certification.

Q. What are some other criteria for accreditation?

OPM: CACM serves as the leading membership association for community managers in California, so the accreditation process assessed our ability to meet state-specific industry standards. In addition to completing the Internal Audit Review, we provided evidence of our compliance with the California Labor Code, the CACM Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Practice, and the CACM Standardized Management Contract. We also verified that our community management professionals had achieved the designation of Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) with CACM.

Q. Is the CCAM designation required for all employees?

OPM: ACMF-designated firms must employ at least one accredited community manager in an executive position. At Optimum Professional Management, however, we require all of our community managers to complete the certification process within one year of joining the company. We understand that our clients have a wide range of options for community management, and we want to ensure their confidence by going above and beyond the highest professional standards in the industry.

Q. How can interested community associations learn more about the services at Optimum Professional Management?

OPM: For more information or to request a proposal, visit our website at We look forward to serving your community needs.


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